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Play Online Blackjack at Casino Época

Blackjack has been among the most popular games in land-based casinos for years, and it’s just as popular online. The Blackjack games at Casino Época are free to download, and there are games that you can play directly via your browser too, depending on what you decide.

You can play easily on your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, no matter what device or operating system you are using. Our robust, flexible Microgaming software will play perfectly every time. The graphics are immersive and exciting, and the smooth functionality will also help you to feel like you are at a real-life Blackjack table.

Online Blackjack Advantages

When you play online Blackjack with us, you can do it from the comfort of your own home – even on the sofa in your pyjamas if you want to! You can also play at any time that works for you, so the games are far more convenient and can fit into your daily life. You can also enjoy mobile Blackjack, mobile Roulette and a host of other online casino games we offer on the go, making it even easier to play to 21 whenever you please.

It’s cheaper to play online Blackjack games too, because there are no food, travel or other incidental costs for you to incur. Casino Época accepts lower minimum bets than most land-based casinos can afford to, and don’t forget about how much more you can win with our massive bonuses and promotions.

Serious Blackjack players will also appreciate the fact that the game can be played a lot faster online than offline. You play more hands in every session, so you stand to win more money. And playing online means you can practice a lot more and apply anything you learn as soon as you learn it. You’ll improve a lot faster, and could become a serious player yourself very soon. Get started on your journey by checking out our basic guidelines.

Blackjack Essentials

Blackjack, like Roulette has a long history that goes back to 16th-century France, when its predecessor, a game called Ving-et-Un, was played. Ving-et-Un means Twenty-One in French, and the aim of the game was to get a hand total of 21 or as near to that as possible.

Ving-et-Un was exclusively played in the homes of aristocrats, and while Blackjack is much more widespread, the rules of the games are very similar. Your objective in any modern game of Blackjack is to get a hand total of as close to 21 as you can, without going any higher and while beating the dealer’s hand.

To start with, you need to place your bet. You and the dealer will then get 2 cards each. You can see both of yours, of course, and can usually also see 1 of the dealer’s cards. Royal cards have a value of 10, number cards are worth their face value and aces are worth 11 or 1, depending on what works best for the hand.

Once you’ve seen your cards and the dealer’s card, the fun really begins. Based only on this information, you need to decide what to do next, and it is this heady blend of chance and tactics that makes the games so irresistible. The decision you make will depend on the cards you see, the number of decks being used, the moves you are allowed and other rules specific to the version of Blackjack that you are playing.

When you are happy with your hand and both you and the dealer are Standing, all cards are revealed. You win a massive 3:2 payout if you hit a hand total of 21, also called Blackjack. If your hand total is below 21 and the dealer’s is above, or if both totals are below 21 but yours is higher, you also win and are paid out 1:1.

Online Blackjack Variations

When a game is as popular as Blackjack, many different versions usually develop over time. That’s wat happened in this case, and there are several different editions of the casino game for you to enjoy online with us. There are even multi-hand games where you can play up to 5 hands at once, when you feel like even more of a challenge, and Blackjack tournaments for some really serious payouts.

Each different online or mobile Blackjack variation has its own challenges and rewards. Depending on what you’re playing you’ll be allowed to make different moves, different numbers of times. The most common are to Hit and simply get dealt another card, to Split a Pair of the same cards into 2 new hands and get a new card dealt to each new hand, and to Double Down which is getting another card and doubling your wager.

The variation you play may also say when the dealer has to Hit and Stand, and may specify that the dealer Peeks for Blackjack if they have an ace, 10 or face card. This means they check their other card to see if they have Blackjack, and end the round if they do so that you don’t lose more time or money. There are other rules to find out, and discovering them is half the fun! Explore the online Blackjack games at Casino Época and find your favourite.

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