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Mobile Blackjack

If you enjoy playing online Blackjack with Casino Época, you are going to love playing our mobile selection. Alternatively, if you’ve never played this beloved casino classic before, our mobile games are a great way to get started.

Thanks to Microgaming, our mobile Blackjack games are optimised for the smaller central processing units and visual displays that handsets have, in comparison to laptops and desktops, so our mobile games will always play smoothly for you.

No matter what hardware or operating system you choose to use, you’ll be whisked away to a world of Blackjack thrills and wins as soon as you start. You can also choose to play in the way that you want to; either by downloading an installing our software for free, or by accessing us through your web browser. It’s all about putting as much choice as we can into your hands.

How Works

The mobile Blackjack games at Casino Época work very similarly to our online casino games; they have the same rules and the same objectives. One thing that does make a big difference for many of our players is the fact that when you play on your smartphone or tablet, you are using your hand and a touchscreen to make your moves and control the game.

For many of our players using the touchscreen actually feels much more authentic than moving a cursor with a mouse, as you do when you are playing on a desktop or laptop. See what you think, but you might find that mobile Blackjack is your first choice rather than a supplement to online games when you are out and about. The quality of the mobile Blackjack games at Casino Época certainly makes this a possibility!

As in our online Blackjack games, the point of the mobile games is to get a hand total of 21. You need to get as near to this total as you can, without going any higher, and you need to beat the dealer’s hand at the same time. When the hands are revealed at the end of the round, you win a 1:1 payout if your hand is higher than the dealer’s hand but under 21, or if your hand is under 21 and the dealer’s is over. If you get a total of 21 exactly, you win a massive 3:2 return!

Playing Blackjack

The first step with Blackjack is to place your bets, and then be dealt 2 cards. The dealer also gets 2 cards, 1 of which usually faces up so that you can see it. You can also see your 2 cards, of course, and based on this information alone you need to decide what you want your next move to be. Ace cards are worth 11 or 1, depending on what works best with the rest of the hand, face cards are worth 10, and number cards are worth their stated value.

Different variations of Blackjack have developed over time, as the game spread and became more popular around the world, and each different edition has its own specific rules. They stipulate when the dealer has to get more cards, how many times you can perform a move in each turn, and whether or not the dealer can Peek for Blackjack. Peeking involves checking what the dealer’s face-down card is if the face-up card is half of a pair that makes 21 – a face, ace or number 10 card.

The most common move in most games of Blackjack are to Split if you have a Pair of the same card denomination (make 2 new hands of 1 card each and get dealt a new card to each new hand), Double Down (double your bet and get a new card) or simply to Hit, and get dealt another card. When you are happy with the cards that you have, you can Stand and end your turn.

Win with Online Blackjack Strategy

One of the things that players most appreciate about Blackjack is that, with time and practice, you can develop your skills and insights into the game. Ultimately this will mean that you enjoy playing more, and of course that you win more money. So the more you play, the better things will be for you!

With mobile Blackjack games, you maximise your playing opportunities and develop faster as a player. Take advantage of the mobile games we have, and apply any strategy or tactics that you learn as soon as you come across them. Just download and install our free software and then register as a player, or register and play our browser-based games. Make your first deposit, claim your handsome Welcome Bonus, and start learning all there is to know about building a Blackjack hand of 21 – and winning massive payouts when you do!

If you’d prefer a less strategic game we can help you out too, Casino Época also features amazing mobile Video Poker and mobile Roulette games, along with a selection of mobile slots to keep you entertained and rewarded on the move.

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