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Mobile Video Poker

The best mobile casino games are often the ones that are simple and quick to play. You can squeeze in a few rounds whenever you find a spare moment, and the graphics work well on the smaller visual displays of smartphones and tablets. Just like mobile Roulette and mobile Slots, Video Poker fits the bill perfectly, and you’ll love the mobile Video Poker games that we have for you at Casino Época.

Video Poker for Beginners

Whether you are playing online or on your mobile device, Video Poker works in the same way. And with Casino Época, in both cases you’ll get top-quality graphics and flawless functionality. Our mobile games are developed as all our games are, by Microgaming. All of our games have been optimised for the size of the screens and central processing units in mobile devices.

The first thing you need to do in any game of online Video Poker is place your bet, of up to 5 coins. You’ll then be dealt 5 cards from a single deck, and they will all appear on your screen at once. You always play against the house only and not against any other players. The objective of a Video Poker game is always to build the best 5-card hand that you can, according to standard table Poker rankings.

Once you’ve seen your initial 5 cards, you can choose to keep or discard as many or as few of them as you would like to. The cards that you get rid of will be replaced by fresh ones from the same deck. All of this happens in a single turn, so you can’t decide what to keep or replace as you go along and see what new cards you get.

The best thing to do, in terms of strategy, is to follow the strategy tables that exist for every different type of Video Poker. Many have developed over time, and the tables show you exactly what to do for each possible hand that you might be dealt.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything else in life, the more time you spend on mobile Video Poker, the more proficient you will be with it. In both Video Poker and online Blackjack you’ll probably refer to the strategy tables of the games a lot at first, but you’ll soon get to know them so well that you won’t need to look at them. You will also develop insights of your own as you keep playing.

You can enjoy Video Poker and polish your skills for the games own sake, or use what you learn as a way of getting into more complex table games. A lot of players use Video Poker to get familiar with hand rankings, before they start playing table games and having to think about more complex moves.

Choose How to Play

Whatever you want from your mobile Video Poker experiences, you can get it with Casino Época. Choose the games you want, how much you want to bet on them, how you want to make your deposits to do that, and how you want to access the games. You can download and install our free casino software, or simply go through your preferred browser on your smartphone or tablet.

Everything is waiting for you right now, so start investigating and enjoying our Video Poker games on your mobile device! Make your first deposit, claim your impressive Welcome Bonus, and use it to place bigger bets and win bigger amounts, earlier on. If you already know you love Video Poker, playing our mobile games will make you appreciate it even more. And if you’ve never played online casino games before, this is the perfect place to start.

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