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Casino Época’s Online Slots

The first serious slots machines were seen in the bars of Brooklyn and San Francisco, in the early years of the 20th century. They featured 3 reels and 5 symbols only, but they were an instant hit. From there they made their way to Las Vegas in the 1960s. They were originally intended to be a side entertainment to keep the wives and girlfriends of the men at the serious game tables happy.

It wasn’t long, however, before the slots machines of Vegas were so popular that they were getting top billing in their own right. Since then, they have remained the biggest earners and the most widely played game on any casino floor. And they’ve been just as successful online. Different kinds of slots game categories have developed, and Microgaming has produced acclaimed titles in each of them. You’ll find perfect, beautifully designed versions of each of them at Casino Época where online and mobile slots are ready and waiting for you!

The Basics of a Slots Game

No matter how simple or complicated online slots games are, they all follow the same principles. In the first land-based slots machines, symbols were displayed on physical reels, that were spun by pulling a lever. You still sometimes see these in brick-and-mortar casinos, but now the reels are usually recreated with graphic simulations and animations.

However the action takes place, the objective is to have the symbols line up in specific positions to create specific patterns on what is known as paylines. When this happens, your payout is calculated according to what you bet in the first place – and if you’re playing at Casino Época, it will always be very handsome. Your betting odds are the same as in a land-based casino, but the payouts online are always much bigger.

Unlike some other casino games like online Blackjack or mobile Video Poker, slots require no real skill or strategy. Their thrills come from the bright lights and how quickly they are played, and the possibility of walking away with a massive win after spending comparatively little money. You need to be careful not to get carried away and spend more than you intended to, because the games move so fast, but the games are a perfect addition to any visit to our casino.

Superb Slots Quality

All our online and mobile slots games are of the highest possible standards. They are well designed, very detailed and perfectly executed, with high-quality sounds, graphics and animations. Microgaming’s slots games are renowned all over the world, and we have hand-picked the best titles from third-party companies too.

The selection of different themes will cater to every taste, and the range of betting options will accommodate every budget. We’ve got classic, video and progressive slot games for you to choose from.

Classic Slots

Sometimes also called reel slots, these casino games are the closest to the very first slots machines that were created more than 100 years ago. They have fewer reels, paylines and special features than other slots games do, so they are perfect for beginners who are still learning how online slots games work. Their bright colours, simple designs and vintage-style symbols that decorate the reels are all nods to the classic games of the past. Slots purists and anyone who wants to slow their playing pace down a little will appreciate them too, and their generous payouts are enough to keep everyone happy.

Video Slots

Although most games today run with animated reels on screens and so are, technically, video slots, this name is reserved for games of a certain kind. Video slots are much more detailed than classic slots games are, and always have a central theme around which the game is built. The special features and bonus rounds that add more interest and reward to the games are based on this theme, as are all the graphics and symbols on the reels.

Themes include mythology, such as the Norse-inspired Thunderstruck, superheroes in popular culture like Tomb Raider and legends like King Arthur, who is a central figure in the Avalon slot. With more reels and more paylines than classic games, video slots are great when you want a more intense and immersive playing session.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpots can be attached to classic or video slots games. The games run in the usual way, but a progressive jackpot is triggered by certain events or at random. Either way, if you are lucky enough to have this happen to you your life will never be the same! The games in our progressive jackpot network are all linked, so that a portion of every bet placed by every player goes into a central pot. It grows until it is won, at which point it is immediately reset to its minimum amount and starts building again.

Spin to Win!

With the great convenience that we offer to you, playing slots games at Casino Época is by far the best option for you to take. Start exploring, finding your favourite games and winning big right away. From top online slots to mobile slots you can play in every spare minute, we offer it all!

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