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Online Video Poker

When compared to games like Roulette and Blackjack, Video Poker is relatively new in the world of casino games; it was only created around 1979. The large video screens coming out then made it possible, and the simple, brightly coloured and hugely rewarding game soon attracted many players.

These days, Video Poker is just as much of a hit online as it has proven to be on land. Casino Época has some of the best editions for you to enjoy, created and powered as all our games are by Microgaming. This legendary platform was first launched in 1994, and brings all its years of experience and its cutting-edge innovation to the Video Poker games at Casino Época.

For a truly well rounded casino experience, we strongly recommend adding a few of our online Video Poker games to your regular playing line-up. Learn a little bit more about how the games work here, and then get playing and winning big payouts.

The Basics of Video Poker

The objective in every game of Video Poker is to create the best hand that you can, according to standard table Poker rankings. You start by placing a bet of up to 5 coins, and will then be dealt 5 cards from a single deck.

Hands are ranked as table Poker hands are, and you can decide which cards you want to exchange for new cards from the same deck, as you try to build a better hand. Discard or retain as many cards as you wish to, but be aware that you can only do this once. You need to choose all of the cards that you want to replace at the same time.

When your final hand has been arranged, your payout is calculated according to the 5 final cards in your hand and how much you bet in the first place. Simplicity itself! Don’t be fooled though – the game is incredibly entertaining.

Several different versions have also developed over time, and you’ll have a great time exploring all the titles we offer at Casino Época and deciding which you like best. We offer a great range of online Video Poker, mobile Video Poker and mobile casino games, so you can enjoy this great game your way.

Strategy for Jacks or Better

For every variation of online or mobile Video Poker, specific strategies have been calculated. They’re published in different strategy charts, which show you exactly which cards to keep and which to exchange for every possible hand combination you might get. As an example, we’ve got the strategy chart for the original Jacks or Better Video Poker game for you here. Find the highest-up description of your hand on the list, and discard anything that is not mentioned:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Four cards going towards a Royal Flush
  • Full House
  • Three of a Kind
  • Any pair of Jacks or higher
  • Three cards towards a Royal Flush
  • Four cards towards making a Flush
  • Any pair of lower-ranked cards
  • Four cards towards an Open-ended Straight
  • Two unmatched suited cards
  • Three cards towards a Straight Flush
  • Suited ten card with a King, Queen or Jack
  • Any single Jack or better-ranked card

Video Poker vs. Table Poker

You only ever play against the house in Video Poker, and not against other players, which is one of the ways in which it is simpler than table Poker. You also make all your moves at the same time and not as the game develops the way you do in a game of table Poker. What is the same is the system of hand rankings that is used, which is why a lot of players use Video Poker when they are first trying to get into table Poker.

The simpler rules of Video Poker are the perfect way to get used to Poker hand rankings, and how to base quick decisions on them. You can enjoy the games of online Video Poker in their own right or use them to launch your table Poker career. Either way, you’ll be playing the best games and winning the best rewards.

Download our software or play through your browser and get started. You can enjoy online or mobile Video Poker with us, and every game could see you have the winning hand.

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